Blackhawks fever spreads with wins

May 19, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Great goaltending and a high-powered offense have been the keys to their success away from home. Now they hope to keep that winning streak alive on their home turf.

The Blackhawks' charter plane arrived at O'Hare just before 3:30 p.m. and excitement is growing.

"You can really feel it now. I think it is especially nice coming back to town today, and everyone is getting excited. Obviously it was a good road trip out there," said Patrick Kane, Hawks star.

Fans are stocking up on the Blackhawks goods over lunch.

"Something special to be part of. You just don't get that everywhere, you know. All walks of life are really getting into it. It is just awesome. We're all kids again," said John Lolli, Blackhawks fan.

"It's really exciting especially since more people are identifying with it being on T.V. And everything. It is a really exciting, especially if you can't get to a game with all the popularity being able to do it and be a great big fan from home," said Julia Murphy, Blackhawks fan.

At Shoeless Joe's in Rosemont, the owner said the crowds for the Hawks' games have been unprecedented.

"It's been phenomenal during the whole season especially right after the holidays when people really started paying attention to hockey. It reminds me of the early '90's when we had big crowds for the Hawks' games," said Joe Macchitelli, Shoeless Joe's owner.

Fans who are still trying to get tickets will have to shell out anywhere from $150 to $500 a seat, according to ticket brokers. Sunday's game will cost the most.

The Hawks are six victories away from the Stanley Cup championship, which they haven't won since 1961.

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