Blackhawks tickets skyrocket online

May 24, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Blackhawks fans are still buzzing over Sunday's come-from-behind victory over the San Jose Sharks. So can they pull through and win the championship?

Former Blackhawk player Cliff Korrol, 63, hopes so. He still wakes up with nightmares about the game in 1971-- and the cup that got away.

It's something that just doesn't go away, so hopefully them winning the Stanley Cup this year is going to remove that scar from that body that I've had to live with all these years," said Cliff Korall, former Blackhawks player.

The Hawks were up by two goals in the second period of Game 7 in the 1971 Stanley Cup finals. They lost.

Korroll gave some advice to the current team.

"You only get one chance. You may not be with the team next year. This is the moment. You have to seize the moment ahead of you," said Koroll.

It's been almost 50 years since the Hawks have won the Stnaley cup, so fans are anxious to seize the moment. The demand for tickets is huge- and website StubHub shows prime seats are going for as much as $7600. Standing room only seats are about $300.

Brokers advise buyers to wait a couple days for prices to go down.

"Check back often. It is an open marketplace. Individuals are selling the tickets. They set the prices and change the prices whenever they want," said Eric Guller, STUBHUB.

While stub hub does it's business online...others still believe you can get a better deal negotiating the exact seat you want face to face or on the phone.

"We tell them what the nuances are in the stadium… (for) people coming from across the country, it's difficult to make an educated decision," said Steve Buzil, ticketbroker.

Whether it is shelling out the dough to buy tickets or watching it from your couch, for fans, a trip to the finals is all that matters.

"Good to see a Chicago team back in the championship, better fate than the Bears did," said fan Tom Flannery.

"A long time coming, I was a little kid, and I was actually hoping the Montreal Canadiens would be in because we'd have it going like 1971," said fan Ruben Alvarez.

"I've been a season ticketholder, a loyal season ticketholder for 31 years, the good times and the bad, and these are the good times," said fan Lisa Faro.

The Hawks will play the Philadelphia Flyers or Montréal Canadiens.

Many fans-- including Korroll-- hope it is Montréal since that is the team the Hawks lost to in 1971 and 1973. Brokers also say because hockey is the sport in Canada, their business will be better against a Canadian team. But, with the Flyers up 3-1 in the series, Montreal has its work cut out for them.

Blackhawks players in the spotlight

It was a hard slap shot of reality when Duncan Keith took a puck to the face and lost seven teeth in the process. While the city celebrates the Blackhawks' big win and trip to the finals, Keith is no doubt still in major pain. He's also the talk of the town.

Not only did he sacrifice his teeth but he was back on the ice about six minutes later and played the rest of the game.

"This guy's a real stud. He had to be shot up with anesthetic. It's traumatic," said Richard Gershenzon, dentist.

Being tough, however, is part of hockey as young players learn early on. Several future NHL hopefuls were on the ice Monday night at the Arctic Ice Arena.

Amatuer hockey players have been following the Blackhawks closely, but in Orland Park they have extra incentive: their special connection with Blackhawks star Dustin Byfuglien.

Byfuglien has been one of the heroes of the playoffs for the 'hawks so far, scoring the winning goal in three games including Sunday's clincher. But he played his youth hockey with the Chicago-based Midget Major team coached by Darren McClusky who recalls a shy, quiet kid with major talent.

"I am proud of him. He's showing emotion for the first time when he scores goals which is pretty neat to see," said McClusky.

Blackhawks fans watched Philadelphia win the right to play the 'Hawks in the finals Monday night. Many still were reveling in Sunday's big win and in how far the team has come in a short time.

"It was great. When I got my season tickets three years ago there was hardly anybody there and now everybody's trying to buy tickets from me," said Nick Hahn, Blackhawks Fan.

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