Strong link between tanning beds, melanoma

May 27, 2010

A new study suggests there is a stronger link than ever between tanning beds and higher melanoma rates.

The findings suggest indoor tanning increases the odds of developing melanoma by 74 percent. Researchers say just 10 tanning sessions can increase the risk by about 34 percent. One-hundred sessions increases the risk by about 200 percent.

Those warnings come too late for some people who thought they were just getting a healthy glow.

"I kind of thought I was immune. Everybody always says that but, it's true, you kind of think you're the only one that this isn't going to happen to," said Mallory Hughes, who developed skin cancer.

"I almost killed myself over a stupid tan," said Maryann Gerber, who has stage-3 melanoma.

These cancer survivors hope the results of this new study will serve as a warning to others before it's too late.

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