Memorial Day Grilling Recipes and Tips

May 28, 2010 -First of all, grilling your chicken will instantly take it up a notch.

-This recipe, Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Fig-Balsamic Glaze, is from my new cookbook Weber's On the Grill: Chicken & Sides.

First prep your chicken:

-Always brush the surface with Extra-virgin olive oil and season generously using at least salt and pepper.

'-Also, to ensure the chicken is cooked evenly, I recommend covering it with a sheet of plastic wrap and using a kitchen mallet to pound out the chicken.

-On large cutting board in front of Jamie will be a raw piece of chicken breast wrapped in plastic wrap with mallot. Jamie demos pounding chicken

-Lightly brush each side of the chicken with oil.

-Grill over direct medium heat for 6 to 8 minutes turning only once or twice. The longer the chicken stays in place, the deeper the flavor.

-Return to table, point out how glaze is made. In front of Jamie, will be ramikens of balsamic vinegar, dried figs, shallots, honey, and lemon juice.

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