Little Dipper rollercoaster rides again

May 27, 2010 (CHICAGO) The tiny coaster from Kiddieland in Melrose Park is ready to start life all over again at Six Flags Great America.

The Little Dipper is getting a second chance to make a first impression. Opening in 1950 at Kiddieland, the lovable Little Dipper is rolling again at Six Flags Great America. Kiddieland closed last year and the Little Dipper was auctioned off. Six Flags bought it and they have completely restored it. The little coaster that could.

"Bigger isn't always better and Little Dipper is just proof of that. You don't turn over and you don't go down a huge hill. What this coaster is all about is the memories," said Jennifer Dugan-Savage, spokesperson, Six Flags Great America.

It's estimated that millions of Chicago area people rode the Little Dipper in it's almost 60 year history. That's why it was saved.

"There (are) so many people in Chicagoland that this was the first coaster they ever road and to have it as part of our family is just tremendous for us," said Hank Salemi, president Six Flags Great America.

Little Dipper hits a speed of only 30 miles and hour and the ride lasts just a minute, so it's perfect for kids. For the previous owners of Kiddieland, this day eases the pain of losing their park in an auction.

"We were so afraid it would be lost. The history of Chicago would be lost. To see it resurrected here at Great America is something real special and heartwarming," said Ron Rynes, former owner of Kiddieland.

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