Chicago-area families welcome soldiers home

May 30, 2010 7:09:46 AM PDT
Several soldiers returned home to Chicago from Iraq just in time to spend the holiday weekend with their families.The wife and four children of Staff Sgt. Brian Sheehan were thrilled to welcome him home Saturday following his third tour of duty.

Sheehan's family hopes he is home for good now, and he's looking forward to returning to life as a civilian.

"It's great, you know, coming home with family, especially during the Memorial Day weekend, and I'm just really happy that everyone that I was with came back safely," said Sheehan.

Staff Sgt. Jose Carlos Vega met his wife, Staff Sgt. Valerie Vega, while they were both serving overseas during his second tour and her first in Iraq.

Now, the newlyweds are looking forward to a peaceful life in Chicago.