69-year-old wallet returned to war veteran

June 4, 2010 Robert Bell, 88, lost the wallet at Navy Vocational School in Chicago in 1941. The wallet held his Social Security card and photos of a youthful Bell and his future wife.

An electrician found the wallet in the mid 1960s in a school crawl space, and for years, tried unsuccessfully to get it to the owner. But he finally gave it to Joseph Craig with the Veterans Assistance Commission of Illinois.

With the help of Congressman Peter Roskam, they turned to the Social Security Administration, which finally helped track Bell down.

Craig personally returned the wallet to Bell.

"I spent three days with Mr. Bell, and he is a wonderful man, which makes it all that more rewarding," said Joseph Craig.

" And it's amazing that I have so many good people wanting to return it to me," Robert Bell said.

Bell says he is grateful to now share the photos with his son.

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