Ceasefire: Slain teen wanted to change his life

June 7, 2010 (CICERO, Ill.)

Miguel Villalba was a member of Operation Ceasefire, according to Cicero spokesperson Ray Hanania. Villalba was shot to death in the 1500-block of S. 58th Avenue in Cicero.

No one has been arrested in Villalba's murder.

"This is one of those tragedies that (is) terrible. Everybody has street gang problems but when you lose a young kid that is only 15, it really hurts," said Ray Hanania, Cicero spokesperson.

"He got into an argument with the wrong person, with another gang member and he got shot. It is a situation that happens where young people don't understand. It can happen in a second," said Ismael Vargas, Ceasefire.

Vargas said Villalba came to Ceasefire to try to change his life.

"When he found us, it was because he already had a track record of promise in school. He was involved in a gang and he said I want to change my life… by leaving the gang and making the right choices," said Vargas. Vargas said they don't know if Villalba got out of the gang or not.

"We do not know that. We know that he of doing good in school," said Vargas.

"We've got the best police… We know we will arrest the shooter. We will find him," said Hanania.

Hanania said gang activity is down in Cicero overall.

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