Teachers union to sue Chicago Board of Education

June 7, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Union president Marilyn Stewart announced the lawsuit Tuesday. She says the Board of Education plans to increase class sizes by 20 percent from an average of 28 students to 35.

Stewart claims that would be a violation of Chicago's health and safety codes. She also calls it an "educational disaster."

"It appears that CPS is willing to sacrifice Chicago's students in order to balance its budget. Just what are we supposed to tell our students in 10 years who drop out or receive a lesser education: 'I'm sorry, we had a budget crisis a decade ago, and couldn't give you the individual attention in school that you deserved?" said Marilyn Stewart, Chicago Teachers Union president.

A spokesperson for the board of education says the board cannot comment on pending litigation, but says without any concessions from the teachers union the option of increasing classroom size is on the table as part of on-going budget discussions.

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