Electronic gifts for Dads

June 9, 2010 10:14:56 AM PDT
Father's Day is almost here and TechnoDad Mike Ferrara, who has just about one of everything with a computer chip in it, has found some unique items for the man who has it all.
  • Apple iPad--After you spend some time with this magic tablet, you've gotta get one, even if you already have a computer. Starts at $499.
  • Barnes & Noble nook--A very capable e-reader with the ability to 'lend' books to your friends and read books for free in-store. $259.
  • Aluratek Libre--A poor man's nook that gets the job done for only $179.
  • XM Portable Satelite Radio with Home Kit--Fully portable and no commercials, allows you to record your favorite songs. $199.99
  • DoCuPen pocket scanner--Lets you scan anything while on the go. $159.99
  • Or how about a PenCam? It lets you make your own videos from a ballpoint pen! $99
  • Have you had it with trying to set up computer routers? These two from Cisco and Belkin will make your life easier. About $100 each
  • Finally, have a pool that needs cleaning? Let the Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaner do the job for you. $1,299. (Rebate available)
  • For more ideas for Dad and grads, along with product reviews, visit Mike's website technodad.tv