Paralyzed pit bull looking for home

June 9, 2010 (CHICAGO) Red, a pit bull, was shot almost a year ago when robbers broke into his West Side home. He almost died, but now Red's rolling happily into the future.

Red's story is heartbreaking in some ways; his back legs are paralyzed from a gunshot wound to the spine. But his story is also heartwarming because of his survival and his battle to come back. At a no-kill animal shelter called "PAWS" on North Clybourn, Red the pit bull is on the move again, wheeling himself away from a tragic incident.

"His owner last year was robbed at gunpoint… Was severely beaten, tied up in just a brutal assault and then the robbers went into the home and Red defended the home and defended his owner and they shot him," said Rochelle Michalek, executive director, PAWS.

Red's owner barely survived the attack and the Chicago cops who found Red after the armed robbery thought he was dead from the gunshot wound. But thanks to the city's Animal Care and Control he lived. And now after ten months of rehab here at paws he's learning to be a dog again.

"When he first got here he was paralyzed from the robbery and he had significant problem. And we took him in and since that point in time we have taken him to therapy and he's gotten much stronger ... he's got a cart. We take him for four or five walks a day," said Fran Barker, PAWS Adoption Center Director.

Red arrived at PAWS last August. He went up for adoption for the first time in October. But so far it just hasn't worked out. Red is not an easy adoption.

"It would have to be home that has more of a quiet lifestyle. Somebody that has had dogs before and preferably someone who has worked with dogs with special needs," said Michalek.

"He's a great dog with people. He enjoys life," said Barker.

When he walks, Red rocks and rolls. And even though he can't wag his tail, he's one happy dog.

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