The Cubs Show: Day Games and Heartbreaks

June 10, 2010 8:46:07 PM PDT
The Pub Theater is proud to announce the opening of its 3rd annual Chicago Cubs-themed sketch comedy show, The Cubs Show: Day Games & Heartbreaks. Featuring new material about our hapless North-siders , The Cubs Show: Day Games & Heartbreaks is an over-the-top comedic romp through a fictional baseball season, set at Wrigley field and around the neighborhood of Wrigleyville.

The Cubs Show: Day Games & Heartbreaks follows three characters at a series of Wrigley Field day games, spanning the season from April to September, as they live through the ups and downs of a Cubs season, which, coincidentally, mirrors the same ebb and flow of their own personal lives. Peppered throughout the show are sketches about summer life in Wrigleyville, from softball games with celebrity guests, to the die-hard fans working at the fire station across from Wrigley Field on Waveland Avenue.

Also featured are comedic takes on situations from a press conference in which Lou Piniella struggles to answer even the most simplest of baseball questions, to a run-in with a down-on-his-luck ticket scalper.

Show Info:

Thursdays through July 15th.


$10 at the door or visit

The Pub Theater at Fizz
3220 N Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60657
Box office: 773-904-8777