4 charged in pizza delivery driver's death

June 16, 2010 (GARY, Ind.)

Thurman Atkinson, 26, Troy Atkinson, 24, Stepanie Moore, 19, and Brandi M. Messinio, 19, were arrested on June 11. Thurman Atkinson was charged with murder, while the other three were charged with assisting a criminal.

Police say the murder had nothing to with an earlier robbery of LaTuan Wiggins. After the robbery, authorities say Wiggins called his girlfriend to tell her he was going to buy some cigarettes, but ended up going to a house in the 4000-block of Maryland Street where he purchased marijuana. The three who were charged with assisting a criminal were present when Thurman Atkinson shot Wiggins with a 22-caliber revolver, according to police. Then they allegedly helped carry Wiggin' body to his car. Thurman then allegedly drove Wiggins' vehicle to a city park a couple of blocks away and the other three followed in another car.

Police say Thurman Atkinson was arrested while police served a search warrant on the house he shared with his brother Troy and the two women, who are their girlfriends.

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