Burge wraps up testimony in police torture trial

June 21, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Former Chicago police commander Jon Burge is on trial for perjury in connection with the alleged torturing of suspects in order to get confessions. Burge has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Last week, Burge testified he never abused anyone.

Defense attorneys were wrapping up their case Monday afternoon and the jury could begin deliberations Tuesday or Wednesday.

On Monday prosecutors asked Burge about whether it was okay to lie to suspects to get a confession.

"You might lie to a suspect once twice three times. You'd tell the State's Attorney about the conversation. It would be on a case by case basis," said Burge. "I'd never tell a lie that would make a statement involuntary."

On Monday, Burge's defense team called Paul Kayman, a former Cook County state's attorney. Kayman took a statement from Anthony Holmes who testified earlier in the trial that Burge tortured him into signing a confession.

Kayman testified that he took a statement in 1973 and Holmes never complained of abuse. He said Holmes confessed to involvement in additional crimes.

Under cross examination, Burge and another officer stood in the room as Kayman took that statement from Holmes and Kayman said he never saw Holmes sign the statement and didn't know if anything happened to get Holmes to sign the statement.

A man currently serving a 50-year sentence for armed robbery testified on Burge's behalf that other prisoners made up the abuse allegations.

Under cross examination Ricky Shaw, admitted to giving law enforcement officials false information previously at several facilities.

"I provided information at almost every facility I've been at," said Shaw.

Burge's defense attorneys plan to call a couple more witnesses on Tuesday and then rest. Closing arguments in the trail are expected on Wednesday.

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