Ides of March release new CD

June 22, 2010 Sporting all the same members that recorded their landmark hits "Vehicle" and "L.A. Goodbye", the band went into "workshop mode" with the express intention of expanding the limits of their music.

With a batch of songs from the Grammy™-winning pen of their singer and songwriter Jim Peterik (with a number of the tunes co-written by the other Ides), the envelopes were pushed, and the horizons set back a few more miles. The familiar Ides brass and harmonies are abundant, but couched in new settings.

From the autobiographical title cut "Still 19" (which features a cameo from smooth jazz sax star Mindy Abair) to the R&B workout "Soul To Soul", the disc manages to sound old school and cutting edge at the same time. The band has a tradition of taking a favorite song and re-imagining it "Ides-Style", the chestnut worked up here is the Beatles "A Day In The Life", a courageous choice to be sure. The result, however, is remarkable, with the uncovered nuances a testament to both Lennon/McCartney and the Ides' arranging skill.

As a "lagniappe", the disc closes with a "Vintage Mix" of their evergreen "Vehicle", made with the digital equivalents of the equipment used to record the original.

"Still 19" is available now at, at all Summer Ides appearances, and will be available at Best Buy Stores and iTunes in August.

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