The Clutter-Busting Handbook

June 23, 2010 It comes from only 4 habits which we'll call the "Deadly Sins of Clutter".

Do you:

Save stuff you do not need or use?

Insist on bringing stuff into your life that you do not need or use?

Never assign a place for stuff to belong?

Set Stuff down to "put away later"?

If you answered, yes to any of the above, you must "Repent from the Deadly Sins of Clutter".

Clutter busting involves MAKING DECISIONS:

· If you don't have a place for something to belong, it automatically becomes clutter
· If you don't have enough room for all your stuff, you don't need more room, you need less stuff
· Giving away something that has memories of someone you love does NOT stop the memories and does NOT mean you've stopped loving them.
· A photo of someone you don't know doesn't really bring back a lot of memories, does it? (So why are you passing it on to your kids …. who also don't know this someone.)

Tips to relieve yourself of clutter:

· If it takes less than one minute, do it now (put the book back where you got it, hang up the towel, put the cup in the dishwasher)
· Pick a person or organization who will love & cherish your stuff as much as you do. When you think about a homeless person wearing that jacket of yours that you haven't worn in 2 years, giving it away won't even hurt.
· Have a designated "Donation box" someplace in the house (closet, garage, basement) So if someone in the family has something that is clean but they KNOW they'll never wear it again, instead of stuffing it back into the drawer, they can put it in the Donation Box. And every so often you can deliver it to Goodwill or have the Salvation Army come pick it up.

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