Chef Julius's Roasted Red Pepper & Mango Aioli

Roasted Red Pepper & Mango Aioli

1 cup Ojai Cook Lemonaise
2T roasted red peppers (pureed)
2T Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet Mango Chutney (pureed)
1T Red Monkey Tres Chili Seasoning
1tsp cayenne pepper
1T Giangrandi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (optional)


In a metal bowl, add all of the wet ingredients (except olive oil) and mix together with a spoon, until the color is even and the texture is smooth.

Next add the dry seasonings, mix them evenly into the blend.

If mixture is too thick, add the olive oil. This will help thin it out and extend the finish when you taste it.

This is a very wine friendly dipping sauce for roasted potatoes or spread it on a bun to jazz up a turkey burger.

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