Get fit with the Latin Rhythms of Andanza

June 28, 2010

Inspired by the rhythms of Latin-Brazilian music, the class incorporates Salsa, Meringue, Brazilian and Cuban Salsa dances. Fitness instructor Gloria Araya teaches Andanza at the East Bank Club and other fitness centers in Chicago.

"The word Andanza means journey, life's adventure with all its vicissitudes," Gloria explains. "Andanza is a process based on fundamental principles of natural progression, principle of intention, conscious breathing, body movement functionality, mindfulness and mind-body connection. By bringing awareness into our body, we create a movement experience that is fun, joyful, and filled with renewed energy and a sense of well being. "

A typical class consists of Warm up, Cardio segment, Cool down, Stretching, Kegel exercises and Breathing. Gloria says the Andanza workout helps:

  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Increase body awareness
  • Strengthen torso and lower body
  • Give the brain an extra boost (Studies have shown that adding music to coordinated movement patterns such as dance moves, activates processing and learning centers in the brain)
  • Create a sense of well being
  • Promote healthy body weight through cardiovascular exercises
  • Promote creativity and self expression
  • It's fun!

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About Gloria Araya

Gloria Araya is an international fitness presenter, choreographer and inspirational speaker. Her creativity and love for teaching have been the source of inspiration to many of whom have experienced her classes, workshops and presentations. Gloria is a constant advocate for living a healthier lifestyle. Her mission is to create more joy and fulfillment in life through movement. Using dance and music as her tools for inspiration, Gloria has traveled the world sharing her unique style of dance and fitness moves that emphasize the importance of emoting through movement, to get connected with your body and senses, maintaining a nurturing inner life and promoting an active lifestyle. For more information, please visit .

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