10-year-old boy shot on South Side

June 29, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The shooting took place around 7:40 p.m. in the 900-block of 77th Street in the Hamilton Park neighborhood.

According to police, Syed Chapman was listed in good condition at Christ Hospital Tuesday night.

Police recovered a weapon on the scene and said they were interviewing a person of interest.

It was an all too familiar sound to people in the neighborhood. Police investigators found shell casings in the street near the area where one shot apparently hit Syed in the leg as he was playing outside with friends.

"I thought it was a firecracker. I heard it say 'pow.' And then I seen a boy come on by, he had the gun, he [was] on the bike, he had the gun laying right here. Then I seen him come by the middle, he shot again," said Brenda Gaines, who called 911.

Witnesses say the suspect is a teenager who was on a moped. He was apparently aiming at another teen on a bike. But the 10-year-old boy was the only one hit and neighbors say they're afraid to let their own kids out with all the random violence they're seeing.

"It's shocking, especially, you know, early evening and for something like this just to take place, just broad daylight, they out here shooting, all the kids out here just having fun and somebody out here just start shooting," said Veva Johnson, resident.

"Can you imagine if they shoot in front of the school, by the police station, what do they really think about killing anybody here, they don't really care in this area. This is very bad, it's very sad," said Charles Jackson, resident.

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