Ordinance likely to limit number of guns, stores

June 30, 2010 (CHICAGO) The City Council will meet Friday.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled Americans have the right to possess handguns for self defense in the home, which effectively struck down Chicago's 28-year handgun ban.

A new ordinance will possibly limit each resident to one handgun and prohibit gun stores from opening in the city.

Ordinances normally go to a committee for a vote before going before the full council, but the mayor can send it directly to full council, which is expected Friday.

Daley responds to Supreme Court ruling on YouTube

On Wednesday, Daley vowed to fight gun violence in an online video. He posted a video response on YouTube to the Supreme Court's ruling, which effectively struck down Chicago's handgun ban.

"Despite the court's ruling, I am more determined than ever to renew Chicago's fight against gun violence," Daley said in the video.

In the video, the mayor said the City Council was drafting a new handgun ordinance that complies with the High Court's decision. He said the city has consulted experts and community members who call for the "strictest" law to regulate who can own guns. They also pointed to a framework to keep track of gun owners and stricter enforcement, according to the mayor.

Daley ended the video by saying, "we will never give in to those who use guns to harm others...we're in this together."

Click here to watch Daley's video

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