Deported immigrant's son returns to Chicago

July 1, 2010 4:47:07 PM PDT
The young boy caught in the middle of his mother's fight to stay in the US is back in Chicago.

Saul Arellano, 10, who is a US citizen will spend the summer in Chicago to join the fight for immigration reform.

Three years ago Saul's mother Elvira was deported to Mexico. While in Chicago, she became the face of the immigration reform. Arellano even took refuge inside a Humbolt Park church while fighting to say in the US and with her son.

"Saul represents the truth of the immigration issue. He is a US citizen and he was forcibly deported when his mother was deported. That's what this fight is all about," said Rev. Walter Coleman, Lincoln United Methodist Church.

Later this month Saul will join about 1,000 other children for an immigration reform rally in Washington DC.