3 teens stabbed near Taste

July 2, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Fourteen-year-old Edward Nuttall carefully showed ABC 7 cameras the stab wound he received when he and friend were attacked as they left the Taste of Chicago.

"I got five stitches," said Nuttall.

The trouble started around 9 p.m. Thursday night after the two teens went to Grant Park to see one of their favorite R&B artists, Trey Songz. As they left, they stopped for some fast food, then began to head home.

"The crowd behind us started running toward us and we started running with the crowd," Nuttall said, "and the crowd ahead of us -- it was just a group of boys, I guess they were fighting or whatever -- and I guess he thought that the crowd that we were with were trying to fight him, so he pulled out a knife and just started trying to stab people."

Nuttall's best friend, Bobby Greenlee, who didn't want his face shown on camera, was slashed in the back.

"My friend ran up to start helping me, and when I got back up I snatched him out of the group, and he was stabbing his arm," said Greenlee.

The bleeding and injured boys bolted for the Red Line station, calling Greenlee's mother for help.

"I've been going to the Taste since I was a little girl, so I want him to enjoy the same things I did, but unfortunately it's not the same as it was when I was younger," said Teresa Wilson, victim's mother.

The concerned parent took both teens to an area hospital where they were they were treated and released.

Friday afternoon, Patricia Nuttall's fear turned to anger.

"I just wanted to let him go and just have fun with his friends, but now I can't let him go nowhere else because I'm afraid to let my baby go out," Patricia Nuttall said.

Just moments before Nuttall and Greenlee were attacked another teen was stabbed in the back in a separate incident by the same group of brawlers. The 15-year-old, who police say is a known gang member, remains hospitalized.

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