"Battle of the Salons"

July 15, 2010 10:14:27 AM PDT
(PRESS RELEASE) This weekend some Chicago area stylists get a chance to show what they can do with a brush, blow dryer and gel. They will be competing in the "Battle of the Salons." Sponsored by Katrinna Harris, 18 year master cosmetologist and owner of the Simple Elegance Salon in Country Club Hills, the competition will showcase exotic, fun, and unpredictable hairstyles designed by some of the area's premiere stylists.

Stylists will man their station starting at 2:30 pm on Sunday at Georgio's Conference Center in Orland Park. For tickets and more information, call 708.960-4076 or visit www.simpleelegancehair.com

Here's a preview of the styles that will be in display during the competition:

Model Tryphena Nelson; Hair by Stylist Gail Nelson: Tryphena's hair is a tower of swirls and curls. It's an exotic, elegant look that's often seen on high-fashion runways. Hair pieces colored blonde and dark chocolate are accented with gems and stones.

Model Dawn Smith; Hair by stylist Katrinna Harris: Dawn's hairstyle is made up of long layers starting at the top with a "12 O'clock high cut" that branches off to angles of 90 degrees and 45 degrees. The layers allow the hair to have a consistent look and require little or no curling. This style, inspired by a competition cut, could be worn by women on the go.

Model Darin Johnson; Hairstyle by Rahfielle Williams: Girls won't have all the fun at this styling competition. Barbers and men's stylists will also makeover guys like 19-year old Darin, who gets a fun, trendy hair cut.

2:30 PM on Sunday
Georgio's Conference