Travel Gadgets

July 20, 2010

Whether it's a road trip or a quick get away, one thing you always need is a camera. If you're going anywhere near the water, pack Kodak's PlaySport video camera in your beach bag. It shoots video up to 10 feet under water, in full HD. It also takes 5 megapixel still shots. An LCD glare shield helps you see what you are shooting when you're standing out in bright sunlight. Built-in software makes for easy uploading right to Facebook and YouTube so you can share those memories as soon as they happen.

When you get to grandma's and find you've left all the pictures at home, no worries if you use Cloud Engine's PogoPlug to back up your home computer. They're available online anywhere you are. You can safely access, share and even stream your digital media. There are apps that let you upload and share your mobile pictures right from a smartphone.

Internet access is no problem if you travel with your own. Cards like the Novatel Mi-Fi from Verizon turn you into a portable hot spot, so the whole family shares the connection for a monthly fee. It's roughly the size of a credit card and fits right in your pocket. Just turn it on and your laptop, gaming device, iPod Touch; anything that requires a Wi-Fi connection is connected.

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