Cab crashes into 7-Eleven

July 21, 2010 (CHICAGO) A car and taxi cab collided at the intersection of Wabash and Adams late Tuesday night. The cab then crashed through the front of a 7-Eleven store on the corner, while the car struck a row of newspaper stands.

Several pedestrians were struck and both the car and the taxi's drivers were hurt.

Fire department paramedics treated seven people in all. They're all expected to be OK.

"I heard an incredible boom, and we saw this guy on the ground. He had been hit by the car who hit the news stand, and the cab driver went straight into the 7-Eleven and just missed a couple of the clerks that were at the cashier and things like that," said Steven Majors, witness.

Police are investigating what caused the crash. Citations are pending against the cab driver and the driver of the car.

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