Police: Suspect in teen's fatal shooting identified

July 30, 2010 (CHICAGO) Now, they are asking for help from more people who may have seen the shooting.

Freeman was shot and killed Wednesday outside his home at 115th Street and Perry where a vigil against violence wrapped up Friday evening.

Police have issued an investigative alert for the suspect, whom they have not identified publicly. ABC7 is told an investigative alert is something police issue just short of an arrest warrant.

With the victim's father and mother front and center, members of CeaseFire marched down the street where Freeman was gunned down. Freeman had recently moved to the block.

"They been living here three months on this block. So I'm trying to figure that out too. I have no idea what they want to do that. They say it's might be mistaken identity. I don't know," said LaTonya Buford, aunt.

"I've been living on this next block for 34 years. My son's been here for three months. Somebody [slew] my son in the three months he's been here," said Robert Freeman, victim's father.

Police say they are looking into whether the shooting involved mistaken identity. But they say some witnesses have identified a young man who lives in the neighborhood as a suspect. They are looking for him while at the same time hoping more witnesses will come forward to bolster their case.

"There have been a number of witnesses who have come forward and spoke to us. There's a number of witnesses we're looking for and we wish to interview. And there are a number of witnesses who have not been cooperative and who have not spoke to us," said Lt. John McMurray, Chicago Police Department.

Friends have made a small memorial near the spot where Freeman was shot 13 times, according to the medical examiner. Reverend Jesse Jackson visited the site as well and urged witnesses to come forward.

"People must decide not to let the place where they live be a sanctuary for killers, for terrorists," said Jackson.

"This incident has caused us to come together and say enough is enough is enough," said Ceasefire's Bob Jackson.

Police say they have talked to the suspect's family but they have been unable to track him down at this point. They decline to publicly identify him other than to say he is a young man who lives in the same Roseland neighborhood as the victim.

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