Daley says he won't raise taxes

July 31, 2010 8:06:02 PM PDT
Mayor Daley says everything will be on the table as the city deals with a record budget deficit, but he did remove one option.The city budget director estimated Friday that Chicago is facing a shortfall of more than $654 million.

Saturday, the mayor called it a crisis and said he knew it was coming.

Daley would not say if unionized city workers might be asked to make more concessions. They already take a number of furlough days. However, the mayor said he did not want to "throw everything on their backs" and he doesn't want to put the burden on taxpayers.

"You're not going to raise any taxes," Daley said. "If someone is losing their home, if someone cannot get a job, if someone has a job and they're worried about being laid off next week or next year, they're not going to be in their budget. So, you cannot increase any taxes."

Several aldermen have suggested making homeowners pay for garbage pickup, which has been a free city service for decades.