Survey: Teen drivers distracted

August 3, 2010 4:28:22 AM PDT
Nearly nine in 10 teenage drivers have engaged in distracted-driving behaviors, although most of them know that their actions increase their risk of crashing.

The news comes from a new survey out Monday from Seventeen magazine and AAA auto club.

A crackdown in America on distracted driving, which has enlisted the efforts of transportation secretary Ray Lahood, Oprah Winfrey and other influential people, has focused on educating young drivers about the dangers of such distractions.

The online survey of 1999 teens ages 16 to 19 found that 84 percent were aware that distracted-driving behaviors increase their crash risk; 86 percent have engaged in those behaviors, including texting and talking on cell phones, eating, adjusting radios, and applying makeup.

Almost 6,000 highway deaths each year involve distracted driving, 30 states, including Illinois, have passed bans on texting while driving.

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