Flash floods swamp SW suburbs

August 3, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The flood waters receded almost as quickly as they rose and most streets are now clear.

The flash floods were triggered by an overnight downpour that dumped almost five inches of rain in towns like Joliet.

In Crest Hill, drivers were inconvenienced by the five inches of rain that fell in a short time. It didn't take long for the water to recede but problems were just beginning for Melissa Brown of Joliet since her home is the lowest on the block and frequently floods. In addition, her storm water and sewer lines are the same.

"Today because the water was so significant it actually came up out of the toilet like a little geyser with chunks of solid waste, chunks of solid waste were flying up out of my toilet all over me and my house," said Brown.

Brown has complained to the city but they have not been able to work out a solution.

Meanwhile, crews in Chicago are working around the clock to repair the extensive damage to River City at 800 S. Wells. All the building's utilities are located in the condo's basement which was flooded with water more than ten days ago.

"They busted through doors, reversed the doors that were solid steel doors, I mean it just forced it through, went into the combat vault. I mean I have never seen so much devastation from water," said Jim Sadowski, River City.

Once water was pumped out and cars were towed out, crews got to work repairing the electricity and plumbing units in the basement. Condo management says they sympathize with tenants who have not been able to get back in their homes.

"I understand the people's frustration but by the same token we don't want to mislead people and say we'll have you back in a week, we'll have you back in two weeks and miss that date," said Jim Sadowski, River City.

Building management says they are shooting for Saturday, August 14 as the day that residents can move back in but that is not set in stone. The building has to be inspected once the repairs are made and the city has to give the green light. The building management is encouraging residents to call the hotline to get any updates and the management says they try to frequently update that hotline.

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