Officer grazed in Far South Side shooting

August 4, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The incident ended near 120th and Justine, but it is still unclear how it began. It appears to have been sparked by a confrontation between police and a few suspects.

The confrontation apparently happened early Wednesday afternoon near 112th and State. According to witnesses, there were about three people in a car that was followed by several squad cars, and at one point after this confrontation, witnesses say, the suspects were leaning out of the car, shooting at police. Officers returned fire, and in this gunfire, one officer was grazed in the shoulder.

One of the suspects also sustained a gunshot wound.

The officer is going to be ok. His graze wound was non-life threatening.

Both the wounded officer and suspect were taken to hospitals. The suspect is in critical condition.

"Every other, so many days, there's a shooting going on. Know what I'm saying? Miscellaneous stuff, people just shooting at each other," said witness Wesley Cunningham. "Mostly, these are just guys that are out here. For some ungodly reason, I don't know what it is. But what I just seen today, this time of the morning, I would have never thought I'd seen that. Never."

This incident is still under investigation by both police and the Independent Police Review Authority.

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