Bike Sharing Project in Chicago

(News Release) Bcycle is helping Chicago residents and visitors increase daily activity and reduce carbon emissions with a major U.S. City bike-sharing system, Chicago Bcycle. Chicago Bcycle will launch with 100 bicycles at six Bstations around the city, offering a green alternative to cars for short commutes and errands. The bikes will be available July through October 2010 and the following spring. Locations include McCormick Place, Museum Campus, Buckingham Fountain, the Chicago Park District Administrative Offices, Daley Plaza and the John Hancock Center.

"Chicago has a national reputation as one of the best large cities in the United States for bicycling. We've been working for many years to lessen traffic by offering alternatives to using the automobile." Said the Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, " I want to thank Bike Chicago and Trek Bicycles for their hard work in putting together this "Bcycle" project. My goal is to make Chicago the most bicycle-friendly city in the United States."

Bcycle was formed by a partnership between Humana, Trek Bicycle and Crispin Porter + Bogusky based on a shared belief that bicycles should be a vehicle for positive health and environmental change as well as an important part of a community's transportation ecosystem. Together, the founding partners developed a bike sharing system designed specifically for U.S. cities, universities and corporate campuses. Chicago is Bcycle's second installation and follows on the heels of the successful Earth Day 2010 launch of Denver Bcycle, the first citywide bike-sharing program in the U.S.

To check out bikes, residents and tourists can register on the Bcycle Web site or at the Bstations conveniently located along the lakefront and Loop. The program will be managed by Bike and Roll Chicago.

"Bike sharing was created for the commuter whose transit stop is two miles from the office, the urbanite running errands, and the tourist out sightseeing," explained Bob Burns, president of Bcycle and general counsel for Trek Bicycle Corporation, a Bcycle partner. "With this in mind, Bcycle offers a cruiser-style bike that is comfortable for people of all sizes and biking abilities."

Bike Sharing Gains Speed in the U.S.

First popularized in European cities such as Paris and Barcelona, bike sharing is quickly expanding around the world in places like Beijing, Montreal and, most recently, Mexico City. Chicago is the fourth U.S. city to set up a bike sharing program in 2010, succeeding installations in Denver, Minneapolis and Boston. Dozens more cities, universities and corporations are considering such programs.

About Bcycle

Bcycle is a partnership between Humana Inc., Trek Bicycle Corporation and Crispin Porter + Bogusky. The founding partners share a belief that bicycles should be a vehicle for positive health and environmental change and an important part of a community's transportation ecosystem.

About Bike and Roll

Chicago Bcycle is owned and operated by Bike and Roll Chicago. Bike and Roll Chicago was founded in 1993 and operates ten lakefront bicycle rental and tour locations in the city. The company is managing partner of Bike and Roll, a national network of bike rental and tour companies with additional locations in Chicago, Miami Beach, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

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