Guard shot in robbery attempt dies

August 6, 2010 (CALUMET CITY, Ill.) Justin Stanton, 25, was pronounced dead Thursday night.

Police say he was shot in the head during a robbery attempt Thursday morning in the 300-block of Calhoun.

Stanton was off duty at the time, sitting with his girlfriend in his car in a quiet residential area when three suspects approached them. Police are looking for those three suspects.

"It appears it may have been a robbery attempt. He struggled with one of the offenders and one of the offenders on the opposite side of the car evidently pulled a gun and fired at the wounded person and struck him in the back of the neck," said Chief Edward Gilmore, Calumet City police.

Police say the robbery attempt began when one of the suspects asked the couple for a cigarette and then demanded their personal items. Investigators say the suspect on the driver's side began to strike Stanton, and he fought back. Then the suspect on the passenger's side window fired his gun, police said. The suspects then fled on foot.

The woman in the car was unharmed. Police say they recovered a weapon believed to have belonged to the victim. No one is in custody.

"We have never had that over here, never. This has been a quiet street since I have been here," said Elizabeth Berry, neighbor

We're not safe to come outside of our house or in our yards or in the block. We have to look back because we don't think nothing like that would happen but now it's like maybe we need to watch our backs because we never know what may happen now. This changes everything," said Elaine Lane, neighbor.

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