National Learn-to-Read Challenge Launches Aug. 16

August 15, 2010

For six weeks, children from the ages of 3 to 7 will be able to sign up for free, at, and participate in this national literacy event for youngsters.

The goal of the Challenge is for parents to register at least 50,000 children and start them on their journey to becoming great readers. Children's Television personality and celebrated mom blogger Miss Lori is serving as Ambassador of the Reading Eggs "National Learn-to-Read Challenge," which promotes the importance of reading as a vital educational building block.

"When a child learns to walk they inhabit their environment…when a child learns to read, they inhabit the World," said Miss Lori. "By employing the equation 'enrichment + encouragement = accomplishment,' the Reading Eggs program is not only good literacy, it's also great math."

According to the National Research Council, children's reading skills affect how they learn and will ultimately influence their chances for success. Youth who have not developed basic literacy by the time they enter school are 3-4 times more likely to drop out in later years, according to the National Adult Literary Survey, U.S. Department of Education.

"We created Reading Eggs as a unique, fun online world where children learn to read," said Matthew Sandblom, Managing Director of Blake Publishing. "Reading Eggs supports each child's learning by offering individual, one-on-one lessons that allow youngsters to progress at their own pace. We're excited to share the program for free with 3-7 year-olds nationwide during the Challenge."

The Reading Eggs program, created by a highly experienced team of early childhood educators, writers and program developers, focuses on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words, using skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success. It supports what children learn at school to help them continue to improve. With interactive animations, games, funny songs and lots of rewards, Reading Eggs motivates children to return to the program again and again.

Reading Eggs, which launches in the United States this summer, has received rave reviews from teachers, parents and even children who previously struggled with reading. In fact, a recent survey of more than 700 teachers shows that 97.2% would recommend the program to other teachers. Additionally, 99.6% of parents said they would recommend the site to their friends and 93.4% note an improvement in their child's ability to read since they started using the program.

You can visit Reading Eggs at and follow Miss Lori on twitter at @misslori.

About Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an educational reading program for children ages 3 through 7. It's based on research indicating that a key factor in youngster's learning is enjoyment and engagement, which in turn increases memory retention. All of the activities are fully engaging, interactive and varied to captivate and maintain a child's attention. Rewards are provided often in the form of "golden eggs" for every activity completed. These can be spent on games or items for online avatars. With Reading Eggs, each child can learn at their own rate and take control of their own learning, motivating them to move forward and learn more.

About Miss Lori

Miss Lori has been a National family treasure ever since she burst on the scene hosting the PBS Kids Preschool Block from 2006-2009. But even before her work with PBS Miss Lori was a family favorite because of the programs and media she offers with her company Miss Lori's CAMPUS. Through MLC Miss Lori recorded her CD "Music n' Movement TOGETHER!" a winner of the 2008 iParenting Greatest Products Media Award, produced her family favorite DVD, "Activate & Be Great!", and for the last three years she has regularly teamed up with WTTW-PBS Kids Chicago for her literacy and health tours. Education and Health are always on Miss Lori's mind. Previously Miss Lori was an Ambassador for The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Campaign. This summer she is serving as an Ambassador for the American Heart Associations GoRed For Women BetterU Program. As well, WTTW PBS Kids will be airing Miss Lori's self produced Miss Lori's CAMPUS interstitials promoting her mission to improve the overall health and wellness of children and their families through education and activity. Always ahead of the curve Miss Lori is very active in social media. She is a highly regarded Blogger, serving on the board for Bloganthropy. Her insightful thoughts about life, parenting and community are as real as her music. As a "Marketainer" Miss Lori leverages her celebrity, and her acute understanding of the needs of families, to strengthen the bonds between consumers and brands through live and social media based events. Find her at MissLori.TV,,,, on Twitter and Facebook. For more information about all that Miss Lori is doing for her family and yours visit her performance website at SMILE On!

Here are some tips from Miss Lori:

  • Create a reading corner. Put together a little corner in your house with a comfy chair, good light and a little table full of book choices.
  • Carry reading material in your bag and car. That way you will always be prepared to take advantage of a free moment.
  • Parents lead by example. Let your children see you read and they will know that it can always be an integral part of their lives as they grow up.
  • Read all day long. Reading with your children doesn't have to be at the end of the day. If you open your mind to the possibility of reading throughout the day you will probably accumulate more than 20 minutes of reading time afterall.
  • Don't be a reading material snob. Reading doesn't always have to be done with a book. It can be a magazine, a comic strip, or even a recipe. Encourage your children to wet their reading appetites with a variety of reading sources.
  • Start reading to your children when they are infants. Reading to your children starting when they are babies will help them develop their language skills.
  • Read and then review. After reading a book, encourage your children to go back through the book and observe key elements that interest them. It helps them feel connected to the experience.
  • Play with reading. Utilize online sites such as Reading Eggs to strengthen your child's' literacy skills through interactive play.
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