Brady calls for prison chief's resignation

August 15, 2010

The Republican state senator and candidate for governor spoke at a press conference Sunday.

He says the fact that his Democratic opponent, Governor Pat Quinn, has not replaced the director, Michael Randle, amounts to a lack of "moral responsibility."

The state report, which was released Friday, said the so-called "meritorius good time" release program freed convicted criminals who had not actually earned a shorter sentence.

"So I'm here to ask...who approved the program... who is responsible for letting criminals out onto the streets with no system for monitoring or tracking them?" said Brady. "As governor, I will never allow early release programs, and the people of Illinois can take this to the bank. If the governor doesn't remove Director Randle, that will be one of the first resignations I will accept."

Quinn responded Sunday night, calling Brady's suggestion that a single resignation might fix systemic problems in the Department of Corrections "reckless and irresponsible."

On Friday, Governor Quinn said he and Corrections Director Randle accepted responsibility for problems with the implementation of the program.

Quinn says he is not going to fire Randle.

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