Fall Beauty Must-Haves

August 16, 2010 (CHICAGO)

TIGI CATWALK YOUR HIGHNESS Root Boost Spray Mousse ($14.95 at Ulta-- www.ulta.com.

Mousse is back in a big way for fall, Jenn says. Pretty much every hair trend that we are seeing for the season involves some degree of volume and this is the perfect product to give your roots a lift, she adds. "You can use this at the root and then whatever you want on the rest of the hair to create the look you want- but this is the essential first step," she adds. "A cool bonus- this doubles as your fragrance- they actually worked with a fragrance expert to develop the scent- afresh, floral pear lily chiffon fusion scent with bold classic notes of fruit and flower combined with a hint of musk."


Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Collection ($28 and up at www.moltonbrown.com).

We all have seen black pepper- but the newest "it" ingredient for fall is PINK pepper! Jenn says. This grows in Brazil and has this amazing scent that is best described as a vibrant blend of ginger, cardamom and pepper with hints of flowers, coriander and cardamom, she adds. Traditionally called "grains of paradise," the pink pepper spice is blended together with fragrant oils including African ginger, patchouli and Reunion Island pink pepper.

Amazing for travel, this is a multi-tasker that protects lips and skin, especially dry patches that need a little extra TLC, Jenn says. "I love it under makeup. If you have areas where the skin can look creased as concealer settles into fine lines, this is a great way to smooth everything out. Almost like a primer plus! "Jenn adds.


AHAVA Mineral Light Foundation ($25 at www.ahavaus.com).

Skin for fall is matte and very even toned. On the runways, we did not seeing major dewiness like we have in season past, Jenn points out. But that matte look is hard to pull off unless you skin is perfect, so you need to change out your foundation for something that has skin benefit, Jenn adds. "Ahava has long been revered for the power of its skincare and bath salts and mud to heal skin and now they are launching makeup for Fall with the same benefits harnessed from the Dead Sea Minerals," she says. "I am obsessed with the light foundation. It contains algae and seaweed from the Dead Sea, Jojoba seed and avocado. And because if the dead sea minerals, it also protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays."

Stila Custom Color Blush ($20 at www.stilacosmetics.com.)

This is the first-ever pH-based powder blush that literally reacts to skin tone and individual pH to creates a personalized shade with an ultra-blendable, velvety-soft finish, Jenn says. "It is literally a blush that you can share with everyone you know, and it will look great (and different) on each person. On African American skin it comes out this soft coral, on olive skin more of a bright pink, etc.," she explains.


L'Oreal Paris Men's Expert Hydra-Energetic Ice Cold Eye Roller ($11 at drugstores) Men's skincare keeps getting more sophisticated, and the offerings for fall are going to look very appealing to women for personal use, Jenn points out. "Especially this new ice cold eye roller that delivers an intense circulation burst to relieve puffiness and dark circles and isn't greasy or sticky at all," she says. "You don't need to throw this in the fridge either; it stays chilly on its own. Women's products of a similar ilk tend to be a little less intense; women can be more sensitive to the dramatic chill, but if you want to get the job done, this is going to be the best option," Jenn adds.

Urban Decay Urban Lash ($15 each at Macy's-- www.macys.com-- and Urban Decay -- www.urbandecay.com and Ulta).

"These are the EASIEST false lashes to apply ever," Jenn says. The founder of Urban Decay actually tested them out by having her 8 year old son apply them, and he could do it perfectly every time! She even has a video to prove it, Jenn adds. "The latex-free adhesive won't irritate even the most sensitive eyes, and the built in applicator wand makes it seriously simple. These are the only ones I can put on without professional help," she explains.


FITFLOP SUPERTONE Sneakers ($120 at www.fitflop.com).

The quickest beauty fix? Perfect posture. And a sneaky way to get it is with these muscle-toning, energizing, shock-absorbing sneakers, Jenn says. After more than a year in engineering, FitFlop's technology and design team was able to merge their patent-pending, muscle-loading, microwobbleboard technology with the all-weather wearability of a classically-shaped, trend-conscious leather sneaker, Jenn explains. "Cleverly designed to hide the 'toning sole' (so you can wear it everywhere without anybody knowing you're getting a workout) the FF Supertone has an ageless, cool, go-everywhere style with the thigh-toning, foot-flexing, bottom-benefiting biomechanics built-in," she adds.


CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream ($10 at www.sephora.com.)

The most chic way to stay germ-free, this cream is literally like gloves for your hands that provide 4 hours of protection, Jenn says. "Unlike the existing anti-bac products out there that just kill germs on contact and then lose efficacy, it has patented technology that suspends the germ-killing ingredient in layers of super-hydrating moisturizers so it lasts and lasts," she says. "And as a hand cream along- grape seed oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil are insanely softening. Pure genius!"

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