Vault of Blago belongings opened after auction

August 20, 2010

On Friday, a south suburban towing company's employees opened the only vault that sold in one piece at Thursday's auction of the ex-governor's items.

Inside, there was an Elvis clock shaped like a guitar, a box marked "do not open" filled with tapes of old campaign commercials, and an Elvis cardboard cutout.

J. R. Bramlett says because he won so many valuable things in yesterday's auction, he didn't mind spending $1,100 on the vault without knowing what was in it.

"I got all the Nixon stuff. He was a Nixon freak and I got all that in there. Yeah, I got that off of the stage. No one knew what was in those boxes," said Bramlett, the owner of Airline Towing, Inc.

Bramlett really wanted the life-sized Elvis statue, but he stopped bidding after bids went to more than $20,000.

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