Natural remedies for fighting mosquitoes

August 24, 2010 The heat wave coupled with several days of wet weather are the perfect conditions for swarming skeeters.

How To Keep Mosquitoes away..... True or False

*Spraying Amber colored mouth wash 30 minutes before hanging out in the area. -- TRUE

*Misting a mixture of water & vanilla extract on your patio before you go outside. -- TRUE

*Citronella Oil candles or torches work, yes or no? YES

*Can garlic, when ingested, can help make you less attractive to mosquitoes? --- IF YOU EAT A LOT OF IT (MAYBE)

*Dryer sheets, when rubbed on clothes and skin, keep away mosquitoes. -- TRUE

*Long sleeves, long pants-all light colored is one of the best, most natural ways to keep these blood suckers away. --- TRUE

*DEET is the most effective, but it can affect your health, so only use when absolutely necessary. -- TRUE

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