'Transformers' to wrap up shooting Sep. 1

August 25, 2010 Production on the film is scheduled to wrap up on September 1 after a month of shooting on Chicago's streets- and nearby locations.

"All of us have felt like this was the best city we've ever shot in," said Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, producer.

The filming was supposed to be over a few days ago, but the crew for Transformers 3 doesn't seem to mind sticking around a little longer in Chicago. On Wednesday the producer thanked Chicago police and fire departments, as well as the CTA and department of transportation for making the process go smoothly. He said he plans to spread the word of Chicago's hospitality.

On Wednesday they shot a scene just off Michigan Avenue involving Shia Labeouf and his movie mom and dad.

For several weeks, the movie production itself has been a big draw for fans. Large crowds of spectators have been impressed by elaborate sets that show Chicago in the midst of death and destruction.

"We're hoping to catch them recording but we just got down here so we haven't seen anything yet, but we're hoping to catch something," said Joanne Monday, spectator.

"We live a few blocks away so we've been to see everything. It's been pretty cool," said Susana Cuadros, spectator.

The crew of Transformers-3 in turn has high praise for the city and called their experience "phenomenal."

"It's gonna spread like a virus around Hollywood about how great a time we had here," said Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Transformers 3 producer.

Besides good publicity, the film generated lots of revenue for the city by employing 1200 Chicagoans, using services of more than 380 businesses and spending more than $20-million.

The film also used local film students as interns.

"It's been a pleasure to work with the 3D camera they have it on a huge crane; it goes over the tops of buildings and everything," said Marshaun Williams, Transformers 3 Intern.

Mayor Daley is already looking forward to the film when it comes out next summer. He didn't score a cameo, but says he would have been the best person to play the mayor.

"No. they would have to select me--there's no way," said Daley.

Other Chicago-based productions are wrapping up, including the Ron Howard movie starring Vince Vaughn. A few TV pilots were shot here as well. One has been picked up by a network.

There's a lot of buzz about Transformers 3; the scenes involving a car dangling from the Michigan Avenue Bridge received a record amount of tweets in Twitter.

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