School bus driver drops kid off at wrong stop

August 26, 2010 (ST. CHARLES, Ill.)

The child's mother found the girl nearly an hour after the bus had let her off on Wednesday.

The bus driver has been reassigned to a new route but the child's mother wants more disciplinary action taken.

Aaliyah Humme's mother says her daughter's bus drivers abandoned her, leaving her alone at a bus stop.

The kindergartener's family says the girl's first day of school began okay with district school bus #74 picking her up at the designated location at 19th and Oak streets near her mom's St. Charles home.

Aaliyah attends Munhall Elementary School, the district's only full-day kindergarten. It appears problems began with the child's scheduled drop-off after the girl's mother says both the office at her daughter's school and the bus driver told her to pick up Aaliyah where the bus picked her up that morning -- not at Fifth and State near her grandmother's house.

After waiting a half hour, Crystal Humme became concerned and began looking for her daughter's school bus and eventually learned the girl was dropped off on Third Street.

"It's the fact that she was by herself for over an hour, that anything could have happened to her," said Humme through tears.

District officials say its against the rules for a driver to leave a kindergarten student alone at a bus stop when dropping them off. If no adult is there to meet the student, the driver is supposed to return the student to school.

"Occasionally we make mistakes and an education institution ought to learn from the mistakes and in this case we are learning from that mistake and are making changes as we go forward," said Supt. Don Schlomann, St. Charles School District 303.

Although the bus driver involved denies the events in question, he has been reassigned.

"Something needs to be done because a slap on the wrist isn't right," said Cheryl Humme, grandmother.

District officials plan on letting all their 110 drivers know about the policies of leaving children at bus stops. In the meantime, the Humme family is questioning whether or not they will allow her to continue to take the bus.

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