Driver who ran over mom, kids sought

September 6, 2010 (CHICAGO) The suspects ran away from the stolen car after it ran down the woman and children.

One of the children, an 11-year-old girl, is in critical condition.

The hit-and-run accident took place in the 6200-block of South St. Lawrence at approximately 5 p.m. Saturday.

Police say the most important elements of the surveillance video are pictures of the two suspects seen running from the car. Authorities say they need help in identifying those two suspects. They have issued a community alert and say they are looking for witnesses to come forward.

Mother Darlene Williams now has a broken knee and a broken nose from landing on the pavement after being hit by the car. Her son, daughter, and a friend were just leaving a store when a 1999 Chrysler 300 hit them, dragging them several feet before the car crashed into a parked car and then a building.

"The car was coming straight. I'm thinking that he's just going to bypass us. No, he swerved right into us. It was like, on purpose," Williams told ABC7 Chicago.

Williams managed to stay alert enough in the street to look up and see two suspects running from the car, which was reported stolen. She was unable to recall details, but she hopes the surveillance video from a nearby security camera will prompt witnesses to come forward.

"They didn't stop, didn't check to see how we were. They are people with no hearts and no conscience. I could never do what they did," Williams said.

Williams 15-year-old son was thrown against another car, but amazingly, has been treated and released from the hospital. Her daughter, 11-year-old daughter, Makayla Newell, was thrown to the pavement and run over twice. She was critically injured, suffering a fractured skull, collapsed lung, and other injuries.

Newell had just entered the sixth grade.

"My baby is in critical condition, and she's a good kid. And I just can't believe this happened to her," said Williams.

Williams says doctors have told her the next 72 hours will be crucial to determining the extent of Makayla's injuries as well as to her chances of recovery. Doctors say she has a lot of swelling in the brain that they are trying to reduce.

Police, in the meantime, tell ABC7 they are still trying to determine whether the two suspects are adults or juveniles. Authorities also say they hope to be able to release enhanced pictures of the two suspects from the surveillance video.

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