'Swring' appears to help children with autism

September 7, 2010

Emory Clark calls it the "Swring." He says it gets grins and giggles from children who try it.

Clark, a lifelong inventor and grandfather of 11, was inspired by a friend who designed homemade climbing rings.

Clark took the climbing ring idea and put his own spin on it.

The inventor says the Swring (pronounced "shh-ring") helps children develop strength, poise and balance, and it appears to have a positive impact on children with autism who struggle to show emotion and to interact with others.

To order or for more information, visit www.swring.com, or contact:

Swring Co., Inc
P.O. Box 1053
Airway Heights, WA 99001

888-857-8746 (Phone)
509-244-KIDS "5437" (fax)

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