2 teens shot near South Side high school

September 9, 2010 (CHICAGO) The shooting took place on Drexel and 78th Street around 3 p.m. The school is located in the 7700-block of South Ingleside in Chicago's Grand Crossing neighborhood.

Eighteen-year-old Anthony Carter was injured in the shooting and is at Stroger Hospital. A 15-year old suffered a graze wound to the leg.

Relatives say it's not the first time Carter has been shot.

"This is the second time being shot and it's like they don't have no fear and it's like they don't care. They are hopeless. You know what I'm saying, that's what's wrong with these youth out here. They have become a hopeless, hopeless, hopeless people," said Frederika Berry, Carter's aunt.

At the crime scene, residents heard the gunfire.

"Somebody got shot again because it happens all the time," said Bianca Cain.

Carter and the other teenager were shot less than a block from Hirsh High School. Young people were everywhere when the shooting took place.

"They have no respect for each other. They don't care about each other. It's not funny. It isn't funny," said Pearl Campbell.

Thursday's shooting is just the latest.

On Wednesday, 16-year-old DeAntonio Goss was shot and killed at 86th and South Saginaw, just minutes after leaving Bowen High School.

"I wish that my child would be the last child to end in gun violence, but it's not so," said Jackson.

The reality of six teens shot in three days has community leaders asking this question.

"Are we as a city going to allow this to happen? This is not only about those six kids who were shot. Do you know how many kids today are afraid to go to school tomorrow?" said Father Michael Pfleger, St. Sabina Catholic Church.

"We feel we need more police at our school. If today it happen, it can happen again. What if one of us gets shot or somebody else," said Rosie Barlow, Junior.

Carter's relatives left Stroger Hospital Thursday night, hoping somehow Chicago's streets will change.

Anthony Carter and the other teenage victim are not Chicago Public school students. Carter's relatives say now that he's been shot twice, they hope he will change his lifestyle.

Chicago police say they do not have any suspects in the shooting.

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