Charges filed in 2 fatal teen shootings

September 10, 2010 (CHICAGO)

A suspect is charged in the death of 15-year-old Darrell "D.J" McKinney who was shot and killed while attending a block party last month. Charges were also announced in the death of DeAntonio Goss, a sophomore at Bowen High school who was killed while walking home from school earlier this week.

Sixteen-year-old Pharoah Morris who is accused of shooting Goss will appear in bond court Saturday. He's charged with first degree murder and aggravated assault with a gun. Police say Morris was involved in a fight earlier in the high school with members of his own gang. He was sent home but was on his way back to school.

"Unfortunately he encountered Goss and his companion on the way to go back to the school and decided to take his revenge out on them as they walked home," said Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis

Morris returned to the school one day after the shooting and acted as though nothing had happened.

"I never would have imagined that I've been on a crusade to save children and could not save my own," said Darryl Jackson, Goss' father.

Family and friends gathered Friday night to pray at the spot where Goss was killed. They are grieving over the sophomore and the critical injury to his friend Corey Thompson. They are also praying for a solution that stops the violence plaguing parts of the city.

"The innocent kids are getting killed because you after 'Joe Blow' and 'Joe Blow' didn't do nothing to you and I'm just hurt," said Beverly Jackson, Goss' grandmother.

Jackson she's grateful to the community members that helped find a suspect. Goss' family and friends are also offering prayers for the family of Morris.

Meanwhile, a group of Chicago-area ministers had a message for Mayor Daley's would-be successors.

"Everybody has their mind focused on who is going to be the next, how to raise money about being mayor. Who gives a damn? Our children are dying," said Pastor C.J. Wright, Christ Lutheran Church

Violence has marked this first week of school. Since Wednesday, there have been at least three separate shooting incidents, either involving CPS students or occurring near a school.

On Friday morning, police announced charges in connection with the fatal shooting of Goss.

"No child should be afraid to go to school. No child should be wondering if I'm going to be shot," said Pastor Anthony Wilson, Good Shephard Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Meanwhile, bail was denied Friday for 18-year-old Breon Thompson, an alleged gang member charged in last month's shooting death of McKinney, an honors student. Police say Thompson was shooting at a rival gang member but instead hit McKinney at a block party in Humboldt Park.

McKinney's relatives had mixed feelings about the arrest.

"He is a young guy, have to go to jail for murder and we have D.J. that we won't ever be able to get back. So I kind of feel like two families have been destroyed," said Erica McKinney, victim's sister.

"It won't bring my son back. Right now how should I be feeling? I don't have anything," said Vanessa McKinney, victim's mother.

One group asked 'why' on Friday.

"If you're not talking about how to solve the issue of violence, you shouldn't be elected," said Pastor Wright.

A family, in their grief, could only ask 'what if.'

"Even I want to run and take my kids away from here. But I didn't run fast enough because I was too late," said Vanessa McKinney.

"It's just sad. The violence needs to stop, it really does," said Erica McKinney. "I think a lot of kids don't understand how precious they are."

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