FBI turns screws on Indiana militiaman

September 10, 2010 Piatek is being held without bond in Michigan where sedition and weapons of mass destruction cases have been brought against him and eight other suspected radical militia members.

According to federal records cited by the Ann Arbor News, FBI agents executed a search warrant last month on T-Mobile headquarters for records associated with four cell phone numbers.

"Specifically, agents were looking for any communication among three Hutaree members, a member's wife and "others" from March 27 to March 30" the newspaper stated..

In addition to Piatek, the search warrant names Hutaree leader David Stone and his son Joshua. Stone's wife Shannon is also named in the search warrant according to the report, although Mrs. Stone has not been charged with a crime in connection with the sedition case.

The time frame indicated by federal agents in the warrant includes the days that nine indicted Hutaree members were arrested after raids in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Piatek was arrested in a Clarendon Hills, Illinois apartment.

Investigators are said to be looking for evidence of violations of federal law, including whether anyone concealed someone from arrest or interfered with an arrest, according to court documents filed last week in Detroit.

According to the Ann Arbor News, FBI Special Agent Sandra Berchtold said Friday that the investigation into Hutaree is ongoing. "It's by no means over," Berchtold was quoted as saying.

"T-Mobile's Law Enforcement Relations Group in Parsippany, NJ, provided agents with records on Piatek on Aug. 10, including a six-page printout of the call history on his account during the four-day period" reported the Ann Arbor News website.

The search warrant requested voicemails, text messages, detailed billing records, records of incoming and outgoing calls and other information.

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