Fitness Tips for Seniors from Jim Karas


According to a recent study by the Rand Corporation, if Americans continued to get fatter at current rates, by 2020 about 1 in 5 health-care dollars spent on people aged 50 to 69 could be due to obesity; that's more than 50 percent more than now, Jim adds.

In the last 20 years, the number of obese seniors doubled from 18 to 36 percent, Jim points out. But if you don't want to become part of those alarming statistics there are some easy things you can do about it, according to Jim:

  • Weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. Focusing on calories is ESSENTIAL to weight loss, he says.
  • Get a weight loss buddy. The research shows that if you begin a weight loss program alone, you chance of success is less than 25 percent. With a buddy, that increases to 66%. That's a huge difference, so identify the best person to hold you accountable, Jim advises.
  • Strength train. Many seniors are afraid of strength training as they fear they will hurt themselves. But there are exercises that they can easily perform in their home with limited equipment.

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