Tim Gunn's 'Golden Rules'

September 15, 2010

"What I notice is that people feel very comfortable coming up to me and talking. It's the greatest compliment in the world. They perceive that I'm user-friendly, approachable and accessible, and they're absolutely correct," says Gunn to The Boston Globe, and millions of armchair fashionistas agree. Tim is adored by many — both "Project Runway" fans and non-watchers — for just being himself, and now, he offers a guidebook to help readers navigate all aspects of life.

With his friendly, conversational tone and peppered with his trademark colorful metaphors, Gunn puts his signature catchphrase into practice beyond the runway or fashion showroom. He dishes out frank and practical advice in a way that gives readers the feeling of a face-to-face encounter. Just as foundation undergarments are key to a great outfit, Gunn's "Golden Rules" offers what some might call the groundwork for finding success and happiness, and becoming the best "you" possible.

Gunn is best known as co-host of the 12-time Emmy-nominated reality show "Project Runway." He also hosted two seasons of his own former Bravo makeover series, "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style."

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