Chicago Fire gets first Hispanic president/GM

September 23, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The Chicago Fire unveiled the restoration of a nearly 13-year-old mural depicting the history of the team on 1030 W.16th St. in Pilsen. The restoration was led by local artist Oscar Romero who created the mural originally and told the team it needed to be restored.

"Chicago Fire is our team - it is our symbol... unifies us," said Romero.

Fire coach Carlos De Los Cobos says their participation in the World Cup was good, and he needs to work hard with the young team.

"I'm excited because I think that for the next season we are going to have a very, very good team," said De Los Cobos.

Posada, who has been a media executive, was also recently announced as the new president and general manager of the team.

"I was just very humbled that they asked if I would like run the team and I take that as an unbelievable opportunity," said Posada.

Most recently, Julian Posada served as founder of Cafe Media, a multimedia company, and past general manager and founder of Hoy, the Tribune newspaper

He is thrilled to be named general manager of the Chicago Fire, in charge of strategic planning and day-to-day operations.

"The Fire is a huge brand. It's got presence in the community," said Posada. "It's not like I'm starting from zero. It's a good product and it's just figuring out ways to make it better."

The Colombian businessman, born in Michigan, says the time is ripe for Latinos to succeed and be what they want to be.

For a lot of the young professionals or Latinos out there - you can make it to very important positions. Sport is huge in our community," said Posada. "It is a massive responsibility that I take very seriously about what I do and how to do it well."

As for his Hispanic heritage, Posada said that he has "one foot firmly planted in the United States and one foot firmly planted in Colombia. My wife's Puerto Rican, and we cherish that every day."

Posada says he hopes by this time next year there will be other Hispanics running Major League Soccer teams and other major league sports franchises.

Posada believes there is much opportunity to grow the Fire in the Chicago market given the high level of play and the passionate fan base that is growing.

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