Site unveils list of most overpriced items

September 28, 2010

Here are some of the most overpriced products as chosen by

Number one -- text messages. They come with a 6,000 percent markup. It takes virtually no data to send a text message. According to a story in the Chicago Sun-Times, texts are 20 cents apiece and only cost carriers about 3 cents to process.

Number two -- a 4,000 percent markup in bottled waters. says it takes the amount of water from five bottles of H2O to manufacture the plastic of one water bottle.

Movie theater popcorn is number three with a 1,275 percent markup. You can buy three bags of microwave popcorn for $3 or so in the supermarket compared to the $6 or more you will pay at a theater.

Number four -- brand-name drugs come with a 200-3,000 percent markup.

And the hotel mini bar comes in at No. 5 with about a 400 percent markup. We all know that a Snickers bar does not cost $5.

There are other products on the list, including coffee, wine, greeting cards and in-room movies at hotels.

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