NewsViews: Libertarian candidates for statewide office

October 10, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The party stresses that there is no free lunch. It opposes government meddling in peoples lives. As examples, it condemns what it calls intrusive gun and drug laws. And it says no to government subsidies to special interests.

One of its top 2 candidates in Illinois, U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Labno, is a senior project manager in electrical construction. Labno stresses that he is pro-life. And he suggests that some federal government programs, such as forcing Americans to buy health insurance, are unconstitutional.

The other candidate for governor, Lex Green, is employed at a downstate auto plant. Green calls himself a fiscal conservative. He charges that Illinois overspends, overtaxes, and over-regulates.

Libertarians Lex Green for governor and Mike Labno for U.S. Senator are guests on this NewsViews.

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