Free flu shots now available

October 12, 2010 (NEWS RELEASE)

Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) officials today announced that they will offer flu shots at over 50 convenient sites, accessible by public transportation, throughout the city.

CDPH's annual influenza vaccination drive will kick off on Tuesday, October 12 and run through late November.

"The best place to get a flu shot or any vaccination is your own doctor or other regular health care provider," stated CDPH Commissioner Bechara Choucair, M.D. "For Chicagoans who do not have a doctor, there are other convenient, affordable opportunities to get a flu shot---including the many retail pharmacies across the city. Our annual flu shot effort adds another layer of service and makes getting a flu shot as easy as possible."

Flu shots are offered free of charge at CDPH sites. However, senior citizens should bring their Medicare cards to the flu shot site.

Influenza vaccinations are generally recommended for all people over the age of six months. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, in order to receive a flu shot.

Flu shots are especially important for people at increased risk of complications from the flu:

** young children

** pregnant women

** people age 65 and older

** people with chronic health conditions like asthma, diabetes or heart and lung disease

Flu shots are also especially important for health care workers and everyone who lives with or cares for anyone at increased risk for flu complications, including infants younger than six months of age.

"While the flu is dangerous and potentially deadly, it can be prevented with a simple vaccination. Everyone should consider getting a shot before the flu season starts this winter," added CDPH Deputy Commissioner Julie Morita, M.D. "In this important annual public health drive we are most grateful for the support of Mayor Daley, our city's aldermen, the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, the Chicago Police Department and other City departments and sister agencies, faith-based organizations and senior citizen groups across the city."

CDPH officials added that people who are unable to get a flu shot by the end of November will still be able to receive a vaccination through CDPH clinics through December and into the spring of 2011.

Since the flu vaccine is made from egg products, people who are allergic to eggs should not get a flu shot without written permission from the doctor. The 2010-11 flu vaccine offers protection from the three flu strains most likely to circulate this year: A-California (the same H1N1 strain as last year), A-Perth and B-Brisbane.

In addition to vaccinations, CDPH officials say everyone can take simple steps to avoid the flu:

** Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.

** Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.

** Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread this way.

** Try to avoid close contact with sick people.

** If you are sick with flu-like illness, stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone except to get medical care or for other necessities. (Your fever should be gone without the use of a fever-reducing medicine.)

** While sick, limit contact with others as much as possible to keep from infecting them.

2010 CDPH Influenza Vaccination Clinics

TUE OCT. 12 Auburn Gresham Satellite Center 10am-1pm 1040 W. 79th St.

TUE OCT. 12 Austin Satellite Senior Center 10am-1pm 5071 W. Congress

TUE OCT. 12 Kelvyn Park Senior Suites 10am-1pm 2715 N. Cicero

WED OCT. 13 Chatham Satellite Senior Center 10am-1pm 8300 S. Cottage Grove

WED OCT. 13 Central West Regional Center 10am-2pm 2102 W. Ogden Ave.

WED OCT. 13 Norwood Park Satellite Senior Center 10am-1pm 5801 N. Natoma

THU OCT. 14 15th Ward - IMAN Center 12-3pm 2744 W. 63rd St.

THU OCT. 14 Northwest Regional Senior Center 9am-3pm 3160 N. Milwaukee Ave.

THU OCT. 14 Englewood Satellite Senior Center 9am-3pm 653 W. 63rd St.

FRI OCT. 15 31st Ward - St. Genevieve Church 10am-1pm 2451 N. Lamon

FRI OCT. 15 Southwest Regional Senior Center 9am-3pm 6117 S. Kedzie Ave.

MON OCT. 18 Southeast Regional Senior Center 9am-3pm 1767 E. 79th St.

MON OCT. 18 12th Ward - Our Lady of Fatima Church 9am-3pm 3845 S. California

MON OCT. 18 47th Ward - Welles Park Fieldhouse 9am-3pm 2333 W. Sunnyside Ave.

TUE OCT. 19 14th Ward-Polish Highlanders 9am-3pm 4808 S. Archer

TUE OCT. 19 29th Ward Office 10am-1pm 5755 W. Division St.

WED OCT. 20 41st Ward - Olympia Park 10am-1pm 6566 N. Avondale

WED OCT. 20 43rd Ward - Sunrise Assisted Living 10am-1pm 2710 N. Clark

WED OCT. 20 49th Ward Service Office 10am-2pm 7356 N. Greenview

WED OCT. 20 Renaissance Court 9am-3pm 78 E. Washington St.

THU OCT. 21 6th Ward Office 10am-1pm 406 E. 75th Street

THU OCT. 21 11th Ward - McGuane Park 9am-3pm 2901 S. Poplar Ave

FRI OCT. 22 4th Ward Office 12pm-3pm 4659 S.CottageGrove203

FRI OCT. 22 10th Ward - Knights of Columbus Hall 9am-3pm 11207 S. Ewing

FRI OCT. 22 24th Ward Office 10am-1pm 2100 S. Marshall Blvd

FRI OCT. 22 Northeast Regional Senior Center. 9am-3pm 2019 W.Lawrence

MON OCT. 25 38th Ward Office 10am-1pm 5817 W. Irving Park

TUE OCT. 26 44th Ward - Britton Budd Apts. 10am-1pm 501 W. Surf

TUE OCT. 26 50th Ward Office 9am-3pm 6199 N. Lincoln 2nd

WED OCT. 27 2nd Ward - Old St. Mary's Church 10am-1pm 1500 S. Michigan

WED OCT. 27 25th Ward - Harrison Park 10am-1pm 1825 S. Wood

WED OCT. 27 34th Ward Office 10am-1pm 507 W. 111th Street

THU OCT. 28 26th Ward - El Rebano Church 10am-1pm 2435 W. Division

FRI OCT. 29 33rd Ward Service Office 9am-3pm 3649 N. Kedzie

FRI OCT. 29 Mather's More Than a Café 9am-3pm 7134 W. Higgins

MON. NOV. 1 Abbott Park Satellite Senior Center 10am-1pm 49 East 95th St.

TUE NOV. 2 5th Ward Office 12pm-3pm 2325 E. 71st Street

TUE NOV. 2 28th Ward - Bethel New Life 10am-1pm 4006 W. Lake Street

TUE. NOV. 2 Portage Park 9am-3pm 4100 N. Long

WED NOV. 3 West Town Satellite Senior Center 9am-3pm 1613 W. Chicago

WED NOV. 3 Mather's More Than a Café 9am-3pm 33 E 83rd St.

WED NOV. 3 North Center Satellite Senior Center 9am-3pm 4040 N. Oakley

THU NOV. 4 17th Ward Office 10am-1pm 7811 S. Racine

FRI NOV. 5 Mather's More Than a Café 9am-3pm 3235 N. Central Ave.

MON NOV. 8 Northeast Regional Senior Center 9am-3pm 2019 W. Lawrence

TUE NOV. 9 Northwest Regional Senior Center 9am-3pm 3160 N. Milwaukee Ave.

TUE NOV. 9 Pilsen Satellite Senior Center 10am-1pm 2121 S. Morgan

TUE NOV. 9 19th Ward - Ridge Park 9am-3pm 9625 S. Longwood Dr.

FRI NOV. 12 Southeast Regional Senior Center 9am-3pm 1767 E. 79th St.

FRI NOV. 12 40th Ward - Mather High School 9am-3pm 5735 N. Lincoln

THU NOV. 18 30th Ward - Mozart Park 9am-3pm 2036 N. Avers

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